QTV News Feed (Free)

QTV News Releases Free News Magazine Feed

October 15th 2004

QTV News magazine ( www.qtvnews.tv ) has been broadcasting in San Francisco since 1995, providing quality news programming for the gay, lesbian and transgendered community.

Comprised of media professionals producing engaging television content to the LGBT community, QTV News is now syndicating nationwide. ”As far as we know, there is no one else syndicating gay news in a video format”, said Rahn Fudge, Founder; CEO “The News Feed is already on over 20 websites, and we have just started to spread the word.”

Early indications show website owners who add the QTV News Feed get more repeat visitors, and keep existing users viewing longer, described by internet pundits as “sticky content”

Website owners can insert a few lines of html code in the page they wish to show the feed, and the shows are streamed from the QTV NEWS servers. The feed is automatically updated as new features are added several times a week. There is no charge to add the QTV News Feed to a website. A branded feed is also available for a monthly fee where advertising spots are removed,

”Responses to the the News Feed has been very positive, said Clarence Swiggins, for QTV News. “It takes news delivery to a whole new level. The simple technology suits our national expansion. ‘”We’re excited to offer a free program that can bring the LGBT community together.”

Plans include adding an entertainment feed, which will contain movie reviews, and movie shorts as provided by third party producers.

To add the QTV News Feed to your website, or to see examples, go to
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