QTV News magazine has been featured in several local and nationally distributed newspapers and magazines to include San Francisco’s leading gay news weekly, the B.A.R. and BAY TIMES newspapers as well as the monthly SPECTRUM newspaper.

One major press highlight happened in 1998 when QTV was embroiled in the controversial fallout from a story involving QTV and Miller Brewing Company.

The show’s Executive Producer was featured on CNN Headline News during a report that talked about national companies advertising and creating gay-specific
television and print advertising campaigns. QTV’s Rahn Fudge spoke to CNN about the creation and significance of producing a television spot that featured an
all- gay male cast touting Miller beer.

The so-called BARECHEST CALENDAR men of San Francisco were part of a local non-profit gay organization fundraising
effort. The television spot represented the first time a national beer company was featured in a gay-specific television commercial. Miller Brewing company
officials scrapped the airing of the QTV BARECHEST CALENDAR MEN spot that never aired.

The actual newspaper and magazine articles along with the CNN Headline News report are being carefully compiled.