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QTV News Names Partner; Launches national expansion for gay
and lesbian news magazine programming

SAN FRANCISCO, Sept 23th 2004 (Business Wire) —

QTV News has selected Key West based UplinkUSA as a strategic partner to provide
gay news, articles and film at www.qtvnews.tv QTV
News magazine has been
broadcasting in San Francisco since 1995, providing quality
news programming for the gay and lesbian community.

of media professionals producing engaging television content to the LGBT
, QTV News is now expanding nationwide.
“We have broadcasters contributing gay news and film footage to us for
national exposure.” Reporting on the impact of Hurricane’s Charley, Frances,
and Ivan on LGBT communities in
Florida, for example. “Our goal is to build on the success of our years of
work in San Francisco. We will feature news from gay communities in the USA and
beyond”, said Rahn Fudge,

UplinkUSA (www.uplinkusa.com
) is an internationally recognized company specializing in website programming
for enhanced media delivery. QTV News will make use of the internet’s first
programmable, multi option Media Player. Websites with video can
consolidate all their content into one place. The Media Player can rotate clips
to full length movies, even serve advertisements and links in a pre set order,
all managed from a simple administration area.

”This player is amazing, said Clarence Swiggins, for QTV
News. “It takes media delivery to a whole new level. The superior technology
suits our national expansion. ‘”We’re excited about their ability to assist
us in delivering a web based solution that can bring the LGBT community

UplinkUSA’s network of Florida based websites boasts an E-Zine
newsletter of 450,000 subscribers, fitting well with the expansion of QTV News.
“The gay and lesbian community is a group with desirable demographics, and
very active internet users.
Our audience is approximately 20 million
people, making QTV News a desirable advertising venue.
can use QTV News to reach a very active captive audience.” said Swiggins. When
MTV Viacom launch “LOGO” in Feb 2005 we will be ready to provide a catalog
of news and entertainment for their audience.”
Advertising spots are available in the E-Zine and in the QTV News Media

For more information on QTVnews call: 415-334-7749 or 1-888-409-2500.

Contact Uplink USA at www.uplinkusa.com
or sales@uplinkusa.com

SOURCE: Business Wire

QTV NEWS Media: Clarence Swiggins 415-334-7749


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